Why NW WA Homeowners Choose Metal Roofing!

nuray photoWhy choose a metal roofing Installed by Rainshield Roofing & Construction Inc.?

An appreciation for aesthetics. People who choose metal roofing usually care about the design and beauty of their home or building. They see individual products as being integral to the entire building design and function. This usually extends beyond the building envelope to include landscaping and the interior.

Concern for operational costs. Property owners who want to reduce their ongoing costs for energy and maintenance will gravitate toward metal’s durability and energy efficiency. They can enjoy lower costs in the future because of choosing metal now. Long-term view. Metal is perfect for buildings that the owners intend to own for a long time. The real dollar value of metal products tends to kick in during a building’s second decade when energy savings really start to mount and when less durable building materials may need to be repaired or replaced.

Concern for the environment. On top of energy savings, metal offers additional green benefits. Metal products are sustainable. Additionally, they often have high recycled content and are completely recyclable at the end of their long lives.

As an owner considers what materials they will use, we suggest that they determine their criteria. This is done by considering what they want to accomplish. Do they seek durability? Energy efficiency? Fire Safety? Beauty? Once they determine their criteria, then they can see what products best fit those criteria. For many property owners, metal becomes the logical choice as they work through that process.

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