Why Are Metal Roofs Gaining in Popularity?

index Metal roofing is increasing rapidly in popularity for its use on homes. So, why are more and more homeowners choosing metal roofs? Here a few of the reasons based upon our experiences. The reasons may surprise you.

Roofing Cycles What we often see as a commonality among metal roofing customers, is that they intend for their current home to be their “forever” home. We refer to the life expectancy of traditional roofing materials as a “roofing cycle”. For most areas of the country, the roofing cycle is 15 – 25 years. Additionally, the cost of all roofing materials continues to increase year after year. Labor is increasing even more rapidly than materials, in many cases. For that reason, homeowners who choose long term roofs take themselves out of the roofing rat race. They avoid the cost of eventual roof replacement, as well as periodic repair costs. And they save themselves from the future effects of inflation and price escalation by choosing to invest now and avoid additional and higher costs in the future. The bottom line is that, if a homeowner sees themselves staying in their current home through at least one roofing cycle, a metal roof makes good financial sense to them. It is an investment today to save them from even higher overall future costs.

Other reasons homeowners choose metal roofs include:

Complicated Roofs

Recent years have seen a return to very complex roof lines on new homes, away from the cookie cutter ranches and split levels of 30 to 40 years ago. While a steep, complex roof can add architectural interest and beauty to a home, the reality is that it is going to be expensive whenever it has to be replaced. The costs of labor and insurance for roofing contractors are escalating rapidly. Therefore, complex roofs end up being quite costly and will be even more costly in the future with inflation. Metal roofs are a good choice to “do it once and do it right,” avoiding higher future labor costs.

Energy Efficiency

A home’s roof is most vulnerable to the sun’s summertime heat. That heat passes through the roof, heats the attic and in turn, heats the home. Thus, increasing air conditioning costs. An Energy Star metal roof, or metal roofs that include an integral airspace, will reduce attic heat gain and therefore reduce energy costs. Savings of 20% and more are often reported by homeowners. Metal roofs make great choices for homeowners who want to reduce their future energy costs.

Home Value

While homes have begun to increase in value recently, it wasn’t that long ago when we saw them decline sharply in value. During that time, homeowners with homes that were maintenance-free and included many upgrades found it easier to sell their homes, and easier to get the price they hoped for. A metal roof is always recognized as an upgrade and its maintenance-free appeal is very attractive to potential buyers, helping to justify a higher value when the home is sold.

Other Green Benefits

More homeowners are thinking about the environmental footprint they are leaving behind. Almost all of us separate out our recyclables, and have done so for many years. Now though, we’re beginning to realize the importance of closing the recycling loop by buying products made from recycled content. A metal roof is one way to do that. In fact, a Classic Metal Roof on average will use about 50,000 recycled beverage cans. Of course, the metal is melted down and completely re-formed before we use it!

Make the Right Roofing Decision for Your Home

Every homeowner and every home has unique needs. A metal roof is not the best choice for all situations and of course, for some home designs, a metal roof may not even be an option. However, the benefits of metal roofing are attracting more customers each year. We would be honored to discuss your own needs with you and help you arrive at the right roofing decision for you and your home. Please contact Rainshield Roofing today at 1-888-858-7663 today for a free METAL ROOFING QUOTE!