WHEN Is the Best Time of Year to Replace My Roof?

Most roofs are composed of asphalt shingles. Yours may very well be included in this majority. If it is, it’ll probably last about 20 years and then be due for a replacement. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s time to think about your roof replacement options. The best time of the year to have a roofing contractor install your new roof may not be when you think.


It’s probably a given that winter isn’t the best time to replace a roof, for obvious reasons. Aside from the snow and ice, the cold temperatures can make roofing materials hard and brittle. Shingles could even crack during installation. Although it can be done, tools roofers use don’t work as well in cold temperatures, and sealants won’t be able to be applied as effectively; shingles will take much longer to adhere to each other than they would in higher temperatures. Therefore, installation in Winter is possible, but takes longer and is not ideal.


If you’re planning ahead to get your roof repaired or replaced in the spring, you might as well get it done in the fall, if possible. If your roof is deteriorating or even has a few small problems, these issues will only worsen over the winter as the snow and ice pile up, melt, and refreeze. If you aren't having any problems with your roof, however, spring could be a great time to replace it. It's not usually as busy in the roofing industry as later in the summer and in the fall, so materials may be less expensive.


The beginning of summer is a great time to get your roof replaced! The middle of summer, on the other hand, when temperatures are at their highest , may not the best time. Most roofing companies install roofs all summer long, but the high heat and humidity can make it unpleasant for roofers and may also affect the materials. The high heat could soften the asphalt in the shingles, making them less durable during installation, so they can get scuffed up when walked on. Good roofing companies take precautions for that NOT to happen, but taking the extra time, extends the time we are on your job. Also causing work to be performed in the cooler evening hours, when you may not appreciate the noise!


THEREFORE….the best weather of the year for roof installation is in the fall, when the temperature ranges somewhere between 40 and 70 degrees. The cooler temperature during the spring and fall allows the roof installers to work longer hours without getting overheated, and the mild weather makes installation easier. Shingles will have time to seal effectively and will be prepared to take on the elements during the harsh winter. That being said,  the fall is also one of the busiest times of the year for roof installation. Make sure you plan ahead before schedules are filled up!

Don’t Wait Until an Emergency Arises

Many homeowners don’t want to invest in a brand new roof (It is a large expense). So instead, they put it off as long as possible and wait until a dire situation presents itself, forcing them to make a quick decision and finally get their long-overdue roof replacement scheduled. We do not recommend this. When you wait until your roof springs a leak or succumbs to another major problem, it’s very likely that these issues will damage other aspects of your home, and you could end up having to pay for a lot more than just your roof.

Additionally, planning ahead and replacing your roof on time will allow you to make well-educated decisions. Installing a new roof shouldn’t be taken lightly. It's a very large investment that will impact the look of your home on the outside and the comfort and efficiency levels inside. Take the time to do your research, hire a qualified roofing contractor, and carefully select your roofing materials to fit your home and your budget.

The Bottom Line

PLAN AHEAD. The best way to take care of your home and roof is to replace it when it needs to be replaced, not after. Plan ahead to get the project done at a good time before it’s too busy, too hot, or too cold.

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